Midtown NYC Photo shoot

1-What is your style?

There are 3 main wedding photography styles to know.

Classic/ Traditional, Artistic/ High-Fashion, Photojournalistic/Documentary

My style is essentially a mix of classic and artistic, and photojournalistic to a lesser extent. 

When I plan for your wedding day, I tailor my style based on your needs and desires. 


2-What is your pricing?

Event Pricing is $400/hour. The smallest Wedding/Event Package (3-hour coverage) starts from $1550 and goes up. 

Packages are all-inclusive and they include Digitals+Prints and a Wedding Album and always more advantages to signing up for a package. No Suprise expense after the wedding.                                                                                                                                      

3-Do you work with a second photographer?

I shoot weddings with two cameras which allows me to use two different lenses, so I don’t really need a second shooter for small to midsize weddings. My husband is my assistant and he assists me until the reception.  Depending on the need, he acts as a second shooter at the reception.



4-Do you edit all your photographs?

Yes, I edit all my photographs myself and retouch the close-up ones.


5-Do you also provide video service?

No, we do not. I am a photographer and I choose to specialize in wedding and portrait photography. If you would like us to help you find a videographer, we would be happy to provide contacts for you to find the best match. 


6-Do you have insurance

Yes, we do.


7-Can you provide my venue with a certificate of insurance?

Yes, but the certificate of insurance takes time, you need to contact us two months before your wedding day.


8-Do we need to feed you?

We work 6 to 8 hours for a regular wedding and don’t have time to go out and get a meal.

Providing a meal ensures we stay cheerful and mobile and don’t faint from starvation.

The industry standard is to feed the wedding vendors and I think it is a very kind thing to provide.  


9-What if you are sick?

I have been shooting Weddings since 2012, I haven’t missed a single wedding for any reason.  I am not only taking your wedding very seriously but also I have the level of empathy that gives me the strength to be there no matter what.

I also plan for the worst-case scenario if something serious and unexpected happened.  I have connections through the Professional Photographers Association, we would find you a professional photographer with the skill level that I have. If you have concerns about this, please call me to discuss it.


10-How does the album process work?

When all your images are edited, we pre-design your album in the way it tells the wedding day story and send it to you. Your package generally includes 30 pages (15 spread), a hardcover, flat-page album. If you would like to swap images or add text or more spreads, just let me know. You can request up to two revisions free of charge.


11-How did you become a wedding photographer?

My venture into the world of photography began overseas with the classic medium of film photography. During my college years, I had taken multiple classes. When I came to the US and I met my soon-to-be husband, I was no longer engaged in the craft; In fact, I was a Sales & Marketing Executive for an International Logistics Firm. And also I was not the type of woman who had dreamed of her wedding day since she was a young girl. You know what I mean!

We fell in love quickly, and he was soon offered a job in Kentucky which would necessitate that he relocate from his home in New Jersey. This left me with a dilemma, I either had to move away from the United States, or to the Bluegrass State and tie the knot. With my work visa set to expire, we decided to organize a rushed, yet romantic elopement at  Beautiful Historic  A Story Book Inn in Versailles, KY in three weeks. Then the strangest thing happened by the time I shopped for my wedding dress, and planned details for our intimate ceremony in a beautiful location, I unexpectedly began to find myself charmed by all the things about weddings, the symbolism of forming a union.

Given the brevity of the situation, we chose to have our special day documented by a professional wedding photographer. While we loved some of the photos, most of them did not fully capture the beauty of our special moments and the details as we had wished.

This did lead me to the realization that I was the one who should be behind the camera. With this in mind, I started my journey, taking a year to build my knowledge and confidence with a DSLR camera as an assistant to another wedding photographer, and then took my business on the road to Rhode Island, and later back to the New York Metro area.

Today I am the lead photographer and I shoot weddings with my husband/ assistant/ business partner. Photography is my passion, and my purpose, therefore I feel fortunate. I often get to meet extraordinary people and cry tears of joy during their ceremonies; fall in love with them and their loved ones. And then go home feeling so blessed because it was We who got to document this slice of life. I get to express my creativity while working on my own business and turning amazing clients into even better friends.

I strive every day to become better in every way and I love the journey!