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The Relationship between the Wedding Photographer and the Couple is an Intimate One.

You're Basically Inviting Them To Your Wedding.


My name is Deva Akman, I am a Wedding and Portrait photographer, and I love what I do.


A few of the many privileges I have as a wedding photographer is witnessing the perfect blend of emotion, joy, and hope, documenting the history that unfolds in just one day. And not only that, but also sometimes capturing decades worth of friendship, love, and laughter in just a single photo. I love the creativity and finely curated details brought together to celebrate a union. Every wedding moment may play a huge role in making this day special; Behind every movement like the bride putting the dress on, small conversations shared during dinner, and guests mingling before the ceremony lies a new story waiting to be told.


Why does our work stand out in 2023?

My clients admire my work mostly because I don’t just document key moments on their special day but also take a kind of different approach to wedding photography with a portrait style. We constantly chase the proper light to bring out the best features of the couple and retouch close-up photos as part of their package, in a way celebrity photographers do for editorial shoots - which is what separates us from others in our price range.


I choose this style because I have been a bride, and I know we all get ready to look our best on our wedding day and want our wedding photos to reflect that.

Also what I really love about being a wedding photographer is the feeling connected, and emotionally close to my clients, the mutual caring and trusting attitude we all need.


Yes, the relationship between the wedding photographer and couple is an intimate one at weddings, because there is a big chance the couple spends more time with their wedding photographer (me) than one of their close friends who is standing up for them at the ceremony on their special day. I may become a coach, confidante, therapist, art director, or stylist on their special day. And I spend hours getting ready for their wedding, and days editing photos, and then possibly making their album. Sometimes there are even more things that lead to a close relationship than I could ever describe in words. So as you can imagine it would be wise for the bride & groom to choose someone they click with.


Who should hire me?


What I always tell couples is “When you contact me, I assume you looked at my portfolio and liked it, and my wedding packages are very reasonable compared to the others who have the same level of experience. At this point, your hiring decision should be made on the possibility to click with me.”


In the end hire me, if I am someone you would want to invite to your own wedding.

West New York, NJ Wedding PhotographerWest New York, NJ Wedding PhotographerBlack and White Wedding Photographer on the job Photo


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KOLO KLUB Hoboken Wedding I really enjoyed photographing Emery & Jake because they love Hoboken as much as I do. 

For this lovely couple,  what we couldn’t cover was the engagement session we definitely made up for on the wedding day! I met Emery at Weehawken Sheraton where she and her family were getting ready. 

After "getting ready" photos, and a few portraits at the riverfront, we made our way down to Pier A for a few special moments with a beautiful tulle dress which I am still in love with! When it came time to take some portraits of the Bride & Groom, it was quite windy but the wind cooperated enough to give us several spontaneous moments that showcased how alive they were in each other's presence. 

Soon enough it was time to head back over to Kolo Klub for the ceremony and reception. This Artison-built loft in uptown Hoboken is one of my favorite spots because it has such an eclectic, and romantic atmosphere. Candles lit up, lined with brick as well as tungsten bulbs hung from ceilings overhead complete this beautiful space which proved difficult to light but worth the challenge when it came to capturing all these unforgettable memories.

Thank you Emery & Jake and their loved ones for sharing such a wonderful day with us! We loved being part of every moment! Special Thanks to Jake's Sister Grace for being such a wonderful maid of honor, my husband/biz partner for transportation, and second shooting at the event.

Wedding Vendors

Getting Ready: Hotel Weehawken Sheraton

Venue: Kolo Klub

Kolo Klub

Entertainment Company: LimeLight Entertainment

Florist: Bartlett's (Clifton NJ) Bartlett's Greenhouses Intagram

Cake: Ferrara Bakery & Cafe (NYC)  Ferrara Bakery

Dress: Morilee by Madeline Gardner  Morilee Bridal

Photography: Deva Photography Deva Photography




The Wedding dress- Weehawken SheratonThe Wedding dress- Weehawken SheratonCorinne Wedding Dress Bridal Party Getting ReadyBridal Party Getting ReadyBride and bridesmaids at Lincoln Harbour Sheraton getting ready The Groom's ShoesThe Groom's ShoesLincoln Harbour Sheraton Groom is Getting Ready BoutaniaireBoutaniaireBoutaniaire Bride and the motherBride and the motherMom helping the bride getting ready in the hotel room Beautiful Bride at Weehawken Sheraton HotelBeautiful Bride at Weehawken Sheraton HotelThe bride is in the hotel room right before the first look at Weehawken Sheraton Brides and BridesmaidsBrides and BridesmaidsBride & Bridesmaids at Weehawken Waterfront Sheraton Hotel Here comes the bride and groomHere comes the bride and groomBride and Groom at Weehawken Waterfront in front of Sheraton Hotel
Hoboken BrideHoboken BrideBride at Hoboken Pier A Holding tulle of her beautiful wedding dress Bride at Hoboken Water FrontBride at Hoboken Water FrontBride holding her tulle skirt at Hoboken Waterfront Hoboken Bride & GroomHoboken Bride & GroomBride and Groom Photo at Hoboken Waterfront Hoboken BrideHoboken BrideBride and Groom Photo at Hoboken Waterfront Hoboken Bride & GroomHoboken Bride & GroomBride and Groom kissing at Hoboken Waterfront Hoboken Kolo Klub Wedding CeremonyHoboken Kolo Klub Wedding CeremonyCeremony Backdrop in Kolo Klub Kolo KlubKolo KlubHoboken Event Venue Kolo KlubKolo KlubHoboken Artisan Loft Event and Wedding Venue

Hoboken Wedding CeremonyHoboken Wedding CeremonyThe bride is walking down the aisle with her parents in Kolo Klub Kolo Klub Wedding CeremonyKolo Klub Wedding CeremonyThe bride is walking down the aisle with her parents in Kolo Klub The GroomThe GroomThe Groom is looking at his bride while she walks down the aisle. Here Comes the bride - Kolo KlubHere Comes the bride - Kolo KlubThe bride Walks down the aisle with her emotional parents sister of the bridesister of the brideSister / best friend is looking at the bride on the aisle at Kolo Klub Kolo Klub Wedding CeremnyKolo Klub Wedding CeremnyBride and Groom at Kolo Klub in front of Wedding Officiant You may kis the bride- Kolo KlubYou may kis the bride- Kolo KlubBride and groom kissing at the end of Kolo Klub Ceremony You may kiss the bride- Kolo KlubYou may kiss the bride- Kolo KlubBride and groom kissing at the end of Kolo Klub Ceremony Kolo Club Wedding CeremonyKolo Club Wedding CeremonyBride and Groom walking down the aisle right after the ceremony First dance at Kolo KlubFirst dance at Kolo KlubBride and Groom dancing at Kolo Klub Reception First Dance-First Kiss-Kolo KlubFirst Dance-First Kiss-Kolo KlubBride and Groom kissing at the first dance at Kolo Klub Hoboken Father and daughter first danceFather and daughter first danceFather and daughter first dance in romantic Kolo Club Wedding Reception Hoboken Parents of the BrideHoboken Parents of the BrideBride's Parents in Kolo Klub Hoboken The Wedding Cake in HobokenThe Wedding Cake in HobokenKolo Klub Wedding Ceremony Cake Kolo Klub Cake cuttingKolo Klub Cake cuttingBride and Groom doing Cake cutting at Kolo Klub Cake Wedding Kolo Klub Cake CuttingKolo Klub Cake CuttingBride and Groom kissing at Kolo Club Wedding Cake Cutting


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What is Boutique Wedding Photography?  

What is Boutique Wedding Photography?


When they say boutique, you probably think of a small but upper-scale specialty store.

The shop owner may know you and greet you by name. They may also know your style and what you are interested in. This is exactly what boutique-style wedding photography is about: Crafting upper-scale work, a personalized experience for each client’s “once in a lifetime” event.


Why should you prefer it?


For a Boutique-Style Wedding Photographer, you are not just a number, you are valued, and so cared for. And you may gain a friend in the process. They run a smaller operation, and the vendor-client relationship is much more intimate.

And also having a connection with your photographer before your wedding day, prevents potential awkwardness, and reflects positively onto your images.


When you work with agencies, mega studios, or All-in Service Entertainment Companies for Wedding Photography, it is more like a Mega Retail Store.


You wouldn’t buy your Wedding dress from Walmart, would you?

You would shop for it in specialty stores, and you would try to find the unique one that complements your features. If it needs tailoring they would do it for you. Same with Wedding Photography.


Deva Photography works as Boutique-Style, I am the lead photographer and typically work with my husband/assistant/ business partner. Fully insured, Member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America). We are the ones coming over to your wedding.


What Should you expect from us?


First, flexibility. With over 10 years of experience shooting weddings, I know how important it is to find the right photographer and have your special day your way. Our service can be tailored to your needs and wishes.


Second, Integrity. Your images are as important as my own wedding images to me. I confess, earlier in my career I had to consider working for an “all-in agency”. Their volume was amazing, I thought I could fill the off-season dates easily. All I had to do was make one 10-minute phone call the week of the wedding, show up and shoot for a set number of hours, and upload the photos in the next couple of days. But in the end, I wasn’t allowed to use the photos for my portfolio and was going to get paid very little. Worst of all no connection to the clients. On top of that agency asked for my photos to use in their portfolio. They weren’t created under the same circumstances. 

Soon after I signed a contract, I felt like I lost my artistic soul, and felt it was incredibly unfair to the couples who are having a “once in a lifetime” day. But I was lucky enough to end my contract early.


Third, quality. This is the big one. If clients don't get to know the wedding photographer beforehand, they have no idea what to expect. 

I take pride in creating images my clients cherish and are proud to share with the next generation. I am motivated to produce the best quality of work possible due to a combination of having far less volume and the ability to listen to the client's specific requests and an artistic desire to create beautiful additions to my portfolio.


In order to capture photos you and your loved ones adore, It is important to me to learn as much as I can about you. Being a Boutique Photographer we schedule a limited number of weddings every year, to make sure all my couples get the attention they deserve.

I focus on your connections, and the love you share, while I constantly search for the best light possible to create timeless portraits. 


If you hire Deva Photography, you are getting someone you can get to know, and whose work you like, and a wedding day experience that will be tailored to you. And you contact us to photograph you and your family years after the wedding, this time for milestones like graduation, anniversary, baby,  and family portraits. And we can’t wait to meet you and your loved ones again! 

Deva Akman the Wedding PhotographerDeva Akman the Wedding PhotographerBoutique-Style Wedding Photography





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New Obsession Salon in Tenafly NJ offers special bridal packages This Bridal Styled shoot was SO FUN! We did it for the new Obsession Salon Tenafly. Our model is one of my favorite, gorgeous former brides. She was pampered by an amazing make-up artist Maria, and Hair Stylist her mother Maria. We were all surprised how quickly everything came together. 

I mention this often but once more 😉I have a passion for historic locations and venues. And Obsession Tenafly is very close to the historic train station, which makes it a great location for brides to get ready.

If you are having a small celebration, imagine having your hair and makeup done in Obsession and walking over to a great spot to have your bridal session right before the ceremony or the "first look"

New Obsession Salon in Tenafly offers special bridal packages, so we had to show the talent. 

If you say my hair never stays up no matter what I do – updos are impossible! Try Obsession Tenafly, and get the royal treatment you deserve. 

Bridal MakeupBridal MakeupBride Getting Ready in Tenafly, NJ Bride Getting Ready in Tenafly, NJ Bride in Obsession Salon TenaflyBride in Obsession Salon TenaflyBride is reday for the dress Bride and The train StationBride and The train StationBride at the Historic Tenafly Train Station in NJ Dreamy Bride in Tenafly, NJDreamy Bride in Tenafly, NJTenafly Historic Train Station Bridal Shoot Tenafly BrideTenafly BrideBride in Tenafly NJ Bride and the FlowersBride and the FlowersBride in Tenafly, NJ Historic TRain Station and BrideHistoric TRain Station and BrideBride is at the Tenafly, NJ TRain Station Bridal Shoot Tenafly NJBridal Shoot Tenafly NJBridal Photos at Historic Tenafly Train Station in New Jersey Cafe Angelique BrideCafe Angelique BrideBeautiful Bride Beautiful Location Cafe Angelique BrideCafe Angelique BrideBeautiful Bride at Historic Train Station in Tenafly, NJ
Bridal Hair and Make upBridal Hair and Make upTenafly Bride Bridal Hair and Makeup in Obsession TenaflyBridal Hair and Makeup in Obsession TenaflyThe bride just got ready in Obsession Tenafly NJ





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Planning a Recession/Inflation-Proof Wedding in 2023? Tips to Stay in the Wedding Budget Without Sacrificing Style in 2023

Bride and Groom at the Barn in Falkirk EstateFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- BarnBride and Groom at the barn in Falkirk Estate

We see that couples planning a wedding have been hit particularly hard by today’s economical conditions because everything from the necessities (like food and wine) to the nice to haves (like cake toppers and centerpiece vases) has risen in price. But there are ways to save money without compromising style.

These are some of our favorite tips to help you plan a budget-friendly wedding.

1-Have a budget and Book the big three first: Your venue, photographer, and caterer, booking this trio are extremely important because they tend to be booked quickly. But sometimes couples feel as if they need to jump on opportunities before considering their budget or even having one.2. Go off-peak: Choose an off-season month(January, February, or November) to get married, and an off-peak day and time. Saturday afternoons and evenings are the most desired spots, so go for Saturday morning, Friday, or Sunday night to save money on venues and services.

3-Cut the guest list and Opt for a Small Wedding Party: You can save money without sacrificing style by planning a small, intimate wedding. Most caterers charge per person, so the difference between 100 guests and 150 is significant. The reception is usually half of your budget - and with food prices rising, feeding your guests tastefully will be hard. Another idea is planning  Minimony

4- Save on Wedding Video: Wedit, a new wedding video service, is quickly gaining popularity among couples. It is not for everyone but check this out if you have tech-savvy friends or family members.Wedit

5- Consider buying Sample Dress: Check out Popular NYC Sample Store, Try them on in person. Sample Room NY

6- Buy Bulk Fresh Flowers online: Get Creative, many online flower sites offer wholesale prices Check this out Bulk Flowers Online

7- Consider Less Expensive Venues or Locations: Get out of town, consider backyard wedding, and search for inexpensive venues like zoos, libraries, and parks.Creative Wedding Venues

8-Hire a wedding planner/coordinator: Discounted rates from other vendors and knowing how much you should be spending are vital when it comes to wedding planning. So a wedding planner can actually save you money.

Jewell Rowlands from Oasis Coordination says:

“Coordinators spend so much time analyzing the current market for wedding services and understanding what might be overcharging, or a good deal on a product or service so that the couple getting married does not have to extend their budget any further than necessary. We are able to watch any blind spots during the planning process, and guide the couple to making the best decision for their special day all while keeping their budget in mind. Wedding planners and coordinators are so much more than another wedding expense - they are the gatekeepers of your wedding budget all the way up until wedding day!"

9- And also Consider insurance on Venue payment: If you're spending more than $5,000 on a wedding vendor, it might be worth the extra cost. Talk to your insurance agent for advice, or check out online offerings like Wedding Safe

10-Get your hands dirty: The key to any successful budget wedding is going DIY. To ensure a beautiful and memorable experience for yourself and your guests, delegate tasks to family members and close friends. This will often please them because they are privileged enough to contribute in such an important way, for example, the act of addressing envelopes, folding programs, creating favors, and making a headpiece or a veil. Or ask a loved one if they would like to buy them for you as a wedding present; this way everyone has something special they did that was unique only for them! With less money spent on mundane things, it makes room for important things that give the whole day character, such as professional photography!

Dear Bride & Groom to be,

Wedding photography is an art form, in other words, it is magical. It provides lasting memories, beautiful images, and warm feelings. It combines moments, pictures, and emotions together for an everlasting memory to revisit time and time again. If you must give up something from your wedding day, don't give up the memories!

We know that each wedding day is different and we are proud to offer flexibility and diversity through our service.

If you are looking for an experienced New York City Metro Area Wedding Photographer and want someone who cares about telling your unique love story... I am right here waiting for you.

Contact Deva today to get a quote and let's start the conversation!
NYC Metro Area PhotographerNYC Metro Area PhotographerFemale Wedding and Portrait Photographer


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Central Valley, New York Wedding in Falkirk Estate & Country Club Who? : Shannon +Brian

What? : Preparations,  Portraits, Ceremony, and Reception

Where?   Falkirk Estate & Country Club   

Falkirk Estate & Country Club, located in Central Valley, New York with breathtaking views, amazing food & service, and very professional staff. Their boutique style venue is available for wedding ceremonies and receptions, one wedding at a time.* I love this! 

Falkirk Estate is truly the perfect venue for all seasons, both indoors with lots of natural light and outdoors with beautiful landscape and lots of space. If you are having Central Valley, New York Wedding look no further.

When? : March 2022 the Falkirk Estate 

Wedding Vendors : Photography by Deva Akman  , *Floral Design by Forever Yours  *Cake by  A Little Cake ,*Coordination by Falkirk Professional Staff,  *Makeup and Hair by Tara Gervacio *Bridal Gown by Anthropologie

Like many other couples Shannon and Brian had to postpone their wedding few times in pandemic. And they reached out to me kind of at the last minute, and luckily, I was available. Shannon and Brian were full of love and laughter.  Their story is inspiring, they are so beloved by their family and friends, and their wedding was a lot of fun at Falkirk Estate. I loved photographing them and they fell in love with the photos. Looking forward to photographing  them again in the future as their family grows.



Falkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding VenueFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding VenueEntrance at Falkirk Estae Falkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding LandscapeFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding LandscapeBackdrop at Falkirk Estate Falkirk Estate Wedding VenueFalkirk Estate Wedding VenueEntrance at Falkirk Estate Falkirk Estate- Bridal SuiteFalkirk Estate- Bridal SuiteBridal Suite at Falkirk Estate Falkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Bridal SiteFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Bridal SiteBridal Suite at Falkirk Esttae Falkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- BrideFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- BrideBride and her mom at Falkirk Estate Falkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- BridalFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- BridalBride Getting Ready at Falkirk Estate Falkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- BrideFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- BrideWedding at Falkirk Estate NY Bride Looking out from window at Falkrik Estate and Country ClubFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- BridalBride at Falkirk Estate just before the ceremony

Beautiful Bride smiling in Falkirk EstateFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Beautiful BrideBridal Shoot at Falkirk Estate Wedding Falkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Bridal flowersFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Bridal flowersBridal Flowers at Falkirk Estate Groom kissing the bride under the veil at Falkirk EstateFalkirk Estate & Country Club WeddingBride and Groom at Falkirk Estate Bride and Groom having quiet moment at Falkirk EstateFalkirk Estate & Country Club WeddingBride and Groom Portrait at Falkirk Estate Bride whispering to Grooms ear at Falkirk EstateFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Stone HouseBride and Groom Details at Falkirk Estate- Stone House Bride and Groom at the Barn in Falkirk EstateFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- BarnBride and Groom at the barn in Falkirk Estate Bride and groom happy at Falkirk EstateFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- BarnBest day of their life at Falkirk Estate Falkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- BarnFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- BarnBride and Groom at Falkirk Estate Falkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Ring Shot BWFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Ring Shot BWBW Ring Shot at Falkirk Estate Falkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Reception HallFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Reception HallBride and Groom at Falkirk Estate Groom Dipping Bride at Falkirk EstateFalkirk Estate & Country Club WeddingBride & Groom Dance at Falkirk Estate Bride and Groom in Reception Hall at Falkirk EstateFalkirk Estate & Country Club WeddingFalkirk Bride and Groom Bride looking at the groom at Ceremony in Falkirk EstateFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- BrideBride at the Ceremony Groom looking at Bride at Falkirk Estate Wedding CeremonyGroom at the Ceremony at Falkirk EstateGroom looking at Bride at Falkirk Estate Wedding Ceremony Falkirk Estate & Country Club Bride and GroomFalkirk Estate & Country Club Bride and GroomBride and Groom at the Ceremony Falkirk Estate Wedding CeremonyFalkirk Estate Wedding CeremonyYou may kiss the Bride Bride and Groom are hand in hand at the Ceremony Black and White PhotoFalkirk Estate & Country Club WeddingFalkirk Estate Ceremony Close up BW Bride and groom emotional moment at the ceremony  Black and White PhotoFalkirk Estate CeremonyFalkirk Estate Ceremony Close up Bride and Groom  shows victory gestues after the I doFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding CeremonyBride and Groom at the Ceremony Falkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Sweetheart TableFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Sweetheart TableBride and Groom Table Set up at Falkirk Estate Bride and Groom Grand Entrance at Falkirk Wedding ReceptionFalkirk Estate & Country Club WeddingGrand Entrance Bride and Groom Grand Entrance at Falkirk Wedding ReceptionBride and Groom Grand Entrance at Falkirk Wedding ReceptionGrand Entrance Bride and Groom is having first dance at Falkirk EstateFirst Dance at FalkirkBride and Groom's First Dance Bride and Groom DancingBride and Groom DancingFalkirk Wedding Bride and Groom Falkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Bride and GroomFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Bride and GroomKiss at the dance Floor



Falkirk Estate & Country Club WeddingFalkirk Estate & Country Club WeddingBride and Groom dancing outside at Falkirk Estate

Please click below, If you like to review our wedding portfolio 

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If you have any questions or like to receive our wedding photography packages, please click below to contact me.

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5 Tips on How to Pick a Wedding Venue which is Perfect for You
What should you be looking for in a wedding venue?

When you’re planning your wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of choosing your gown, perfect shoes, and even beginning to plan your honeymoon. However, before you make all these decisions, it’s important to choose the right wedding venue.

The Photos of the Best day of your life shouldn’t be marred by poor lighting or bad angles. By choosing the right venue, you can set your photographer up to create photos that look as beautiful as you feel on your wedding day.

How do you know if a wedding venue is going to be good for your wedding photos?

Here are some suggestions to be able to narrow down your options


  1. Know Your Guest List and budget before the venue decision.


  2. Consider The Venues not only align with your budget, but also with your vision.


3. If the Venue holds multiple weddings in the same day, it means you can not use the common areas at anytime you like for photos, so make sure that you have the best time of the day.


4-Think like a wedding photographer. Wedding photographers like


  • Beautifully decorated, spacey bridal suites with windows and, no clutter

  • An Outdoor ceremony spot perfectly in shade

  • Indoor spaces with lots of natural light

  • Big open outdoor spaces, beautiful landscape

  • Interesting props

  • Beautiful ambient lighting like candle lights, string lights...Ambient lighting improves the sense of warmth and depth of a space.

  • Scenic vistas to use as a backdrop

Beautiful Black Bride and Groom kissing under the string light at The Tides EstateHaitian Wedding at the Tides EstateTender kiss of bride and groom at The Tides Estate from wedding portrait session at the garden. Older couple at their wedding day in ConnecticutOlder couple at their wedding day in ConnecticutMature Bride and Groom. Second Love Story is better than ever. Over 50 and fabulous. Bride and Groom at the Barn in Falkirk EstateFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- BarnBride and Groom at the barn in Falkirk Estate Beautiful Bride smiling in Falkirk EstateFalkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding- Beautiful BrideBridal Shoot at Falkirk Estate Wedding Bride and groom outside at Casa BelvedereCasa Belvedere WeddingWedding reception at Casa Belvedere



5-Visit the prospect venues and envision yourself with the wedding dress in the venue, if it makes you happy perhaps you found the one.

Please click below, If you like to review our wedding portfolio 

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8 Things Your Wedding Photographer wants you to know Finding the perfect wedding blog is almost like searching for the perfect wedding shoes. There are so many sites packed with wedding inspiration and planning tips that finding the right one for you can feel a bit overwhelming. Lately I really enjoy following Humming Bird Wedding Advice.

Who runs it?

Nicole Kibildis is the founder and editor of Humming Bird Wedding Advice. Nicole is certified Project Manager who likes to plan and analyze. She started Humming Bird shortly after her own wedding and has been to many weddings.

Why should you bookmark Humming Bird Wedding Advice?

The first thing you might notice about Humming Bird Wedding Advice is that the blog is pretty. The further you keep digging, the more wedding inspiration you’ll see at every turn. Her blog is for everyone who is involved with a wedding, or the events that surround it.

She is there to help you sort through all the details of a wedding, clarify what's important and expected of everyone, review the pro's and con's, break down action items, and prioritize where to spend dollars and energy.

Her thoughts on weddings are a combination of her own experience with weddings, and her project management education. Her tone is genuine and she likes helping people with inspiring wedding planning resources.

Also, you may enjoy reading the recent blog post I have contributed.

8 Things your Wedding Photographer wants you to know

Happy Planning!


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Top 5 Tips for Making a Photo Session with Kids Easier Top 5 Tips for Making a Photo Session with Kids Easier

Children aren’t always easy to deal with, which is why the below tips will definitely come in handy before your upcoming photo session.

1. Don't make a huge deal out of it. Their behavior will usually be better if you are relaxed and having fun. Let the kids have a couple “fun pictures” where they get to pick their own pose or props. You get to keep the more serious photos while they get to keep their silly photos. This way everyone wins. If you are struggling to get your kids to sit still, turn the photo session into a game.

2. Be prepared. If you're going to be out for several hours, ensure that your children are well rested and have had their nap. Bringing some snacks and activities along is also a great idea. If you are having your own photos taken too then you might want to bring a babysitter or family member along to watch the kids. If you happen to be shooting in a remote location, you never know when you might need something like bug spray, tissues or a first aid kit so bring that along too.

3. Have a chat. Get your children talking to both you and the photographer about topics such as school or their favorite songs. This allows them to feel more comfortable around your photographer and will also give your photographer a chance to capture a few candid and cute expressions.

4. Be patient. Save your sanity by trying not to control the photo session too much. Sometimes the best photos come from kids just doing their own thing. Work with your photographer and your photos will look fantastic.

5. Find your photographer and keep the relationship. You and your family will feel more relaxed when they are photographed by someone they already know. Do your research either online or via friends and find photographers, compare them by reviewing their work and reading what people say about them.


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Wedding Boom  

Did you know that Vaccination Era Wedding Boom is happening? If you are planning your wedding in NYC Metro Area, book Your Wedding Photographer Now!

Wedding celebrations are back! After an interesting year, a largely eventless phase following with lots of micro weddings and elopements, we believe 2022and 2023 will be the greatest wedding seasons ever.

This year the vaccination era wedding boom is quickly filling up the dates. Venues are booking out even faster. In addition, vendor schedules are a roller coaster ride, where online platforms are seeing bookings well into 2022 and 2023. So, as the festivities boom, we suggest you get onto your wedding planning, hire a wedding planner ASAP, if you’re planning the day yourself, approach it like a pro.

When to Book Wedding Vendors?

Traditionally, you must plan your wedding at least a year in advance. As far as the wedding photographers are concerned, must book one at least nine months before the wedding. But today we recommend you do that as soon as you finalize the wedding date.

Do your research, once you’ve narrowed down photographers whose work you like, and whose philosophy you seem to agree with, speak to the ones on your A-List about their wedding photography packages, set up an in-person meeting (or a Facetime session, if that’s what works).

Then, figure out if you LIKE them, and hire the one you like as a person. Chances are, you’re going to spend more time with your wedding photographer than with your maid of honor on your wedding day, so you make sure he/she is someone you hit it off. And then let the wedding photographer be your art director.

The good wedding photographer will help you plan the timeline well to take advantage of the gorgeous daylight your venue has. Well planned wedding lowers the stress. Keep in mind your photographer can create artistic images, only if you don't let the stress consume the best of you on wedding day.

Dear Bride and Groom to be, plan your wedding day well and let us photograph the best version of you.


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Why are the elopements getting more and more popular?

Elopement Weddings  are simple, they can be beautiful, meaningful, expressive and tailored to bride & groom’s style.

Deva's Elopement Wedding with 10 guests in NYC costs between $2500- $3000.  This does not include taking out your guests to a local restaurant (if desired) after the ceremony.

Package includes the ceremony, champagne toast, hors d'oeuvres and 3 hours of photography session.

Here are the simple steps to this hassle free, simple and beautiful elopement wedding in NYC:

  1. Book Deva's Elopement Wedding , save the date (Ceremony and cocktail total 3 hours)
  2. Apply for the marriage license at New York City Hall at least 24 hours prior to the ceremony (It will be valid for 60 days).
  3. Make dinner reservations at a local NYC restaurant for the same night. 
  4. After the Wedding send out announcements/thank you cards with your wedding photo.






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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire me as your Photographer  

When you contact me, I’ll assume you reviewed my portfolio and liked my style. 

Next step is to connect with me and see me as your good friend at your wedding so that your smiles will be genuine.  Joyful people always look wonderful in the photos. I believe the best photographs are taken to reflect who you really are, when the photographer and the client personalities are a good match. 

When married couples are asked “If you could redo one thing from your wedding day, what would it be?”  Sadly, the answer is very often the photography.

Think about it! When the cake is gone and the dress is packed away, your wedding photography will be the one lasting symbol of your perfect moments. So, the photographer needs to be chosen wisely. I recommend that you have a portrait or engagement session done before the wedding. 

Different photographers not only have different personalities, but also have unique shooting and editing styles. No one feels creative, happy or themselves when they are forced to hold poses for a photo shoot. That is why I provide direction during sessions to create candid shots, and achieve excellent results.

Also I’ve listed 5 reasons why you should hire me as your wedding photographer.

Everything listed below primarily applies to portrait photography, but weddings are once in a life time event. I hope it will make your evaluation process easy.

1-Passion -Photography is not just a job for me. I don’t do it because I need to. I’m a photographer because I love the art of it, and I love the challenge of composing and creating beautiful photographs. Each wedding marks the start of a family. I have the privilege of creating timeless images for my clients that will be treasured for generations. I get to meet with fantastic people, tear up during ceremonies, and fall in love with their loved ones throughout the event. I get to express my creativity while running my own business and turning amazing clients into even better friends.

2-Skill- I have spent many years learning the craft of photography. The business I run isn’t something I just started on a whim after getting a nice camera and being lucky with getting a few good pictures. I have studied. (I continuously do ) I have experimented. (I still have different projects) I have attended seminars and classes.  I believe photographers should always make time to invest in seminars and classes. I know how to handle the camera in different lighting situations .

3-Planning -I take the time to listen to my clients, their needs, desires, and concerns, focusing on the details the bride wants to share (such as the wedding dress and accessories) so that I may take photographs that my clients will cherish for generations.

4-Approach- I approach each assignment much like a magazine shoot which requires planning, researching, and scouting the venue. This process is applied from start to finish ensuring a high level of professionalism to your images.

5-Simple Pricing- I also don’t believe in unwanted post-wedding sales pitches. I create all-inclusive packages so there are no surprises later. I offer packages which include an engagement session, USB stick, album & prints. I want to make sure that clients’ images don’t sit on a shelf or a disc and never get viewed. They can sometimes get lost in a home move or scratched or damaged beyond repair.

You’ve imagined a perfect day, with memories to last a lifetime. Please hire if I share your vision. You can always email me for pricing. ( call us leave a msg if you like, we would love to hear from you!)

I wish you happy planning!

Deva Akman

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Beautiful Wedding Albums  

As you evaluate the best way to make wedding albums and print your photos, you will discover that the most premium photo labs are either only available to wedding photography businesses or have a professional team to service photography professionals.

If you want the best quality albums with archival materials that will last decades, it’s best to have your album, guest book, thank you cards, etc., crafted professionally by your wedding photographer. We also often hear from many clients how they always intending to “get around to” making a wedding album, but never find the time to do the work involved. It takes a lot of effort and time to select the final images, to edit each image accordingly, and then design the layout while working with the album manufacturer to select the many options.

Keep in mind that your wedding photographer shoots weddings with the album in mind. So the best method for ordering a wedding album and printed materials will be choosing packages directly from the photographer.

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9 Things to do before your wedding day   

1- Think about assigning a coordinator on your big day.  Make someone your point person in other words:

Remember, there will be always unexpected occurrences at the wedding. If you have children or there are elderly family members, make sure there is a person to take help out with them so you have time to participate in the important events and pose for your photos.

2- Smiling is very important

Not looking happy and smiling due to small irritations can ruin not only your wedding day but your photos as well.  This is the best day of your life and you most likely have been dreaming about it since you were a little girl. Your pictures will look much better if you forget about all the little things that may and will go wrong on your wedding day and just enjoy the moment with your future husband, family and friends. I have observed that brides who are giggly and smiley and actively trying to be pleasant have more genuine and exciting pictures than brides who try to pose perfectly but who have a gloom & doom attitude, and also try to micro manage her wedding day.

3- Make Your Getting Ready Room Comfortable:

Bringing too many people in your getting ready room might sounds like a great idea and lots of fun. but it actually makes the room overcrowded and hard to work in. The photographer needs to be able to move around and capture the moments from different angles and points of view. If the room is overcrowded, this is almost impossible with all the bridesmaids and other people in the room shielding the bride from all vantage points. If you have to invite everyone, then consider booking an over sized room so there is a space for everyone, and room for the photographer to move around and take artistic images. Overcrowding and artistic, free-flowing  pictures don’t go hand to hand. Finally, the bride and groom NEED TO EAT AND DRINK SOMETHING BEFORE THE CEREMONY  

 4- Tame The LED and DJ Lights Urge:

LED and DJ lights are cool and fun but they also color everyone’s faces and clothing. Photography is about capturing the light so all these lights over your dress and face will be captured and in your reception photos. There is no magic wand to take them away in post-processing. If you plan to get your reception completely dark and have lots of LED and DJ lights, be prepared to have these all over your face and dress on your wedding pictures.

5- You, combined with Adequate Time with the Photographer Results in Great Pictures:

Allocate time to your photographer as you do for your guests, fun and party. When a photographer asks you: “There is beautiful light right now. Can I borrow you and your groom for 15 minutes? It will be well worth it!”, trust him or her and find time away from your party.  Photographers world rather have multiple 15-20 minute blocks of time spread out throughout the day (especially some time around dusk when the light is soft and pleasing) than a one large block of 2 hours at 12PM or 2PM for example in one location.‬

6- Necessary Wedding Portrait Time Periods

Without First Look: After ceremony

  • 15-20 minutes for formal family photos
  • 15-20 minutes for wedding party photos
  • 45-60 minutes for the bride and groom photos

With First Look: Doing a “first look” can help you feel more calm.

You see each other before the ceremony and spend some intimate time together while you have your portraits taken.

This is the desirable option when the bride and groom have seen each other already before the wedding ceremony because the time allocation is much more flexible and relaxing. During the First Look, I photograph the bride and groom pictures when the groom sees the bride for the very first time in her wedding dress, his and her first reaction and subsequent interactions. During the First Look, I also take bride and groom portraits when they are still fill with energy at the beginning of the wedding day. The period before the ceremony is also the best time to capture images of the wedding party before the ceremony. The period during the cocktail hour then is spent on family group photos and wedding party photos during the cocktail hour. 

When groups are involved, and many people are being directed to be in one place or the other at the simultaneously for an extended time period, this is often frustrating for everyone. I will be focusing on posing everyone, directing and capturing the best images from the group, and don’t have the ability and time to search for family members and bring them to the family photo locations. 

Therefore, it is extremely important for the couple to appoint a dedicated wedding coordinator or family member to bring and organize everyone for the formal family group photos.

Assigning some one with this responsibility will save everyone time and effort, and make the entire photo shoot far less stressful by keeping the wedding day on schedule. I have a set of formal pictures I usually plan to take for each wedding, but if the bride expects to have other photos, a written list is the best way to ensure that no pose is being missed.

I always take multiple photos of the same group to ensure we have everyone looking at the camera, not blinking, and show a nice, radiant smile. 

7-  Connecting with your photographer:

Tell your photographer what you want in advance.  I cannot stress enough how important good communication between the bride and groom and the wedding photographer is prior to and during the wedding day.  Let your photographer know about your favorite photographs or if you have a certain pose in mind. You can call me anytime with this information.

8- During the important moments : 

Remember, I am documenting everything. When you are doing something important you should try to look for me and give me a smile.  This will look great in your album.
There are things to keep in mind such as slowing down when kissing so I have time to capture multiple images of this moment. Also, remember that when the bride, bridesmaids and groomsmen are are walking down the aisle, it looks much better in the photographs if they smile and look forward instead of at their feet or away from the camera.  When in doubt, always try to look at me and give me a smile.  

 9 -  Practice :  

Most of the bride & grooms have never had their photos taken by a professional photographer. Posing needs practice before the wedding day so look at your old photos to see which poses of yours  are your favorites and practice posing in the mirror. On your wedding day remember to relax  and smile! 

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4 Reasons to invest in Engagement Photography Session It is important to take engagement photos once you make it official.


Central Park Engagement DeVa Photography


1-As a couple, you perhaps have never been photographed professionally before. Observing how your photographer works, and receiving your images before the wedding will allow you to learn about posing and what angle and light makes you look in your best. You can also let your photographer know ahead of time if there are shots or angles you don't care for.

 Remember, communication is key.

Tip: Have your hair and makeup test done on the same day as your engagement session. This way, you get to see how it looks in photos and let your stylists know if there's anything you'd like to change.


2- It gives you opportunity to interview different photographers and try a different one if it is necessary.

 It is always better to set a date to get your engagement pictures taken right away so that you're not stressing to get them done when you're well into wedding planning mode. Preferably use the photographer who will also be photographing your wedding for the engagement session.

Establishing a relationship with your photographer long before your wedding will make a difference in the outcome of your wedding images.

Spend about an hour or two getting to know your pro by listening to them, having fun with them and getting photographed all at the same time.

They'll take note of how you interact with each other, your individual personalities and preferences. These mental notes will help capture moments on the wedding day that are unique to just the two of you.

3- Once you see your engagement images and get excited about them, you'll have more confidence in yourselves and in your photographer.

When the time comes to tie the knot, you'll look forward to having your pictures taken instead of dreading the thought of having a camera pointed at you all day. Knowing and liking your photographer is significant in the success of your wedding, and takes the stress away.

4- Once you have your engagement images, there are many things you can do with them. They can be given as gifts to family; parents especially always appreciate photographs of their children. You can also order a small album or a coffee table book, or order a wall collage or portrait to hang in your home.  The shots may also be used in your wedding program, invitation save-the-date card or wedding guest book.

You can get even more creative and use your engagement pictures for something like save-the-date magnets or favors.


Whatever you choose to do, go out with your photographer, get creative and have some fun. In the end you're the ones who will benefit the most.

 Please like us on  Facebook 

Thanks for reading!

Deva Akman

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Why Don't Professional Photographers Give Customers All the Files?

Another good article for my clients.  

I am very often asked to give all the photo files from a day of shooting... Even Raw files.

It explains why professional photographers will say "no" to this request.

Trust your photographer!

Have a great weekend !




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7 Reasons To Have A Glamour Portrait Photo Session Glamour Portraits


We admire other women and celebrities. We see their beautiful traits (both inner and outer), but we rarely see our own.

Perhaps in “growing up”,  we learned to hide our beautiful spirits because it wasn't not appropriate to stand out.
We were not encouraged to be different, individualistic, or independent. 
By doubting our worth, we become determined to conceal that which makes us beautiful for fear of becoming vulnerable.


If we ever felt beautiful or heard someone describe us as such, we may feel as Candace Bergen once said:
“It’s rather frightening and threatening to have others ascribe such importance to something you know you’re just renting for a while.”


Is beauty something temporary? I don't think so! 
Yes, our bodies age, our hair grays, our bellies expand, wrinkles eventually set in, and we become old…but not un-beautiful


Beauty is like a gift package to me. This package includes our intelligence, know how, taste,  behavior, choices in life.
It really comes mostly from a life well-lived and a well-nourished soul.  Our beauty, then stands to grow rather than diminish as we age and become more in tune with our inner spirit.



Having glamour portraits taken is a great way to capture one's true beauty and preserve it for decades, and for future generations.

Of course, in this internet age, your images are your digital identity and personal brand.


So Lets Sum It Up, Why You Should Have Your Professional Portraits Taken?

 1. You’ll Look Amazing

Professionally done hair and makeup, a skilled photographer, and necessary photo retouching equals some of the best portraits of yourself that you will ever see. 
If you are waiting to lose those perpetual last 5, 10, or 15 pounds, DON’T! Professional photographers know how to pose you in a manner that highlights the positive attributes of your individual body type.

2. It Makes a Great Gift for Your Groom, Husband, Boyfriend, or Significant Other!

Imagine the look on his face when you surprise him with glamours pictures of yourself  (with a sexy twist).
He thinks you’re beautiful on your worst hair days and in your yoga pants, so show him your best photo with a little sexy and playful pose and maybe with professional makeup!
It may be a side of you he has never seen!

3. It Makes a Great Gift for YOU!

Show off your beauty and give yourself an esteem boost with photographs that you can treasure. Do it for yourself. Be pampered. Indulge. Love every minute!

4. You get to go shopping!

Women tend to put others first in their lives much of the time. Take some time out and go shopping for yourself!


5. Make it a Girl’s Day Out!

Need a little confidence boost to come in for a session? Make it a girl’s day out! Choose a few of your BFF’s and do a session together! 
We have portrait party specials including a day of pampering, food, wine, and each lady gets her time in front of the camera!

6. It Will Empower You

Getting treated like a celebrity for a few hours is great therapy for anyone! But wait until you get to see the photographs for the first time. 
You will be blown away. You will see how gorgeous you really are and it will put a little pep in your step!

7. It’s a Great Way to Celebrate a Milestone

Have an anniversary coming up or just scored a well-deserved promotion? Why not get this time in your life documented in a gratifying way?
Not only will you have gorgeous portraits of yourself, but when you look at them you’ll remember how amazing this time in your life was! 
Celebrate it!


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Professional Women Need A Professional Portrait Happy Monday! to Everyone,

I find a good article to share with my female clients.


Deva Akman

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4 Steps to Prepare For Your Photo Session
So you booked your photo shoot.  If you think that all you need to do is show up, then think again.  One can only go so far with post processing. The rest is on you.

It’s your responsibility to do what you can to look your best. So I’m going to make it easy for you and provide some of my favorite tips that will help you look your best on Shoot Day: 

  1. Talk to your photographer before the shoot:  Meet with your photographer either in person or via Skype ahead of time.  Discuss your photo shoot expectations and find out if this is a person with whom you would feel comfortable working with.  Photo sessions can be very personally revealing process which may make you feel vulnerable.  Being relax in front of the camera is an important factor for a successful shoot. If you aren’t comfortable chatting with a prospective photographer, keep looking for someone you are comfortable with.
      2.  Make sure your beauty shows:
  • Start taking supplements at least 4 weeks before your shoot. My faves are Vitamin C, Silica, MSM and a good food based B-Multivitamin.
  • Don’t just drink gallons of water by itself. Drink water with lemon.  It’s super alkaline which is just a fancy way of saying cleansing and tastes delicious.
  • Get some cardio in. Getting the blood flowing to the face is one of the best ways to get that glow. Thirty minutes a day is optimum!
  • Exfoliate 3 times a week.  One of my faves is Apple Cider Vinegar.  You will smell like a salad but if you do it before bedtime you will wakeup with soft, dewy, glowing skin. I promise you.
  • Moisturize your skin with a quality moisturizer.
  • If you have a skin break out, whatever you do don’t squeeze the pimples.  We will deal with these blemishes during post processing.
  • If you start to get a cold sore, then apply Blistex at the first and will likely stop it from developing.  If it does occur, purchase some Lemon Balm and apply every couple of hours, as well as increase your Vitamin C intake.
  • If you have grey roots, take care of them before the shoot.
  • Do not drink alcohol or caffeine the day before your shoot.
  • Get your beauty rest. Seriously! A good night’s sleep makes all the difference on all fronts of the process.
     3. Choose your outfit carefully: Your portraits should be a more polished reflection of you.
  • Choose outfits that you love. Think of those special pieces you might not wear often because they’re impractical for day-to-day use, or the go-to blouse you always wear when you’re travelling some place nice.
  • For family shoots, think of color coordination. By this I mean choose colors that go good with each other.
  • Patterns and prints are distracting. We want people to look at you when they see your portrait, and even the most beautiful print will distract from that attention.
      4. Practice makes perfect:  Give a lot of thought to what image you want your picture(s) to convey.
          Then practice posing in front of a mirror. You might feel silly, but trust me, it definitely helps.


(DeVa Photography) Glamorous Photos New York Photo Shoot Wed, 24 Dec 2014 23:15:00 GMT